Welcome to Elphinstone

May is Active Transportation Month!

The SCRD is getting into the spirit of things. Please join us walking, cycling, taking transit, car-pooling or using the Coast Car Co-op vehicles. Skateboards, pogo sticks, whatever takes your fancy.

Getting into the spirit of Active Transportation: Mark with a bike, not sure what Len’s doing, Lori with a skateboard, Andreas ready to paddle, me with bus tickets, Bill and Darnelda ready to walk and Tom with a scooter.

This website is the constituency information site for Area E of the Sunshine Coast Regional District (in BC, not Australia!). Please visit occasionally and join my email list for newsletters and updates on SCRD issues.

The SCRD is facing a number of critical challenges including expanding our water supply, figuring out what to do with our garbage when the landfill closes, and both mitigating and preparing for climate change. Government is a lumbering beast and nudging it to change course is not be easy, but the newly elected Sunshine Coast representatives are working together collaboratively to find solutions to our problems.

Swearing in ceremony at the SCRD Nov. 8, 2018. Back row L to R: Mark Hiltz (Area F), Keith Julius (SIGD), Len Lee (Area A), Andreas Tize (Area D), Tom Lamb (Sechelt), Bill Beamish (Gibsons). Front Row: Me, Lori Pratt (Area B, Chair), Darnelda Siegers (Sechelt, Vice Chair).