Thank you Elphinstone!

Thanks so much to all the Elphinstone residents who supported me on October 20, and to everyone who came out to vote. (See SCRD election results)

This website is my Elphinstone constituency information site. Please visit occasionally and join my email list for newsletters and updates on SCRD issues.

I’ve made a list of issues that residents raised with me via email, phone calls and door to door campaigning, and I’ll be looking into them in the weeks to come. My other top priority is to meet with outgoing directors so they can share some of what they’ve learned at the board table. They’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and wisdom, and I hope they will be available as community advisors in the next four years.

Government is a lumbering beast and nudging it onto a different course will not be easy, but if all the newly elected Sunshine Coast representatives strive to work collaboratively, we can find solutions to our problems.

Swearing in ceremony at the SCRD Nov. 8. Back row L to R: Mark Hiltz (Area F), Keith Julius (SIGD), Len Lee (Area A), Andreas Tize (Area D), Tom Lamb (Sechelt), Bill Beamish (Gibsons). Front Row: Me, Lori Pratt (Area B, Chair), Darnelda Siegers (Sechelt, Vice Chair).