Active Transportation in Area E

In November 2020, I started a consultation with residents in Area E to gather feedback about their priorities for active transportation—connector trails and paved shoulders.

The SCRD is facing a huge budget crunch. This is putting pressure on gas tax funds which the federal government pays us annually on a per capita basis. Historically this money was used for paving shoulders in the rural areas (e.g. the west side of Pratt), but the funds can also be applied to a lot of other infrastructure projects, many of which are urgently needed.

Before making decisions about where else to spend gas tax money, I want to review our cycling and pedestrian transportation network. If there are any easy wins out there (high value, low cost) I want to make sure they are identified and prioritized, or else the opportunity could be lost.

So far I’ve held two meetings with residents to discuss what paths people use now, and what’s missing, especially connectors to destinations such as schools or bus routes, or options to get pedestrians off dangerous sections of road. These meetings and a bunch of emails resulted in a Draft Report and Map.

>Your feedback is welcome. I plan to take this to staff and directors in early January.

Posted by Donna