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Short Term Rentals: Real action needed for rural areas

I sent the following letter to the Union of BC Municipalities and the Minister of Municipal Affairs on November 24, 2021. Dear UBCM, I am writing to express my disappointment in UBCM’s long awaited report

Come Hell or High Water

This highly recommended episode of CBC’s Fifth Estate analyzes BC’s failure to plan for floods in the Fraser Valley. A similar scenario is playing out with stormwater management, except that responsibility for managing it hasn’t

Local governments respond to climate change

I was featured in an August 23, 2021 article in the Nelson Times. ‘We knew it was coming’: Climate Caucus responds to dire climate change report  

Where there’s Fire there’s Smoke

Backyard Burning in Elphinstone  Backyard burning is permitted over the winter, from October 15 to April 15. Vegetation that originates on your property is the only material that may be burned. Do not burn garbage, construction

“Corridor Study” Fails on Every Count

On January 21 staff from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure presented their Hwy 101 Corridor Study to the Transportation Advisory Committee. I came away from the experience feeling like a patient with a badly

Streamkeepers Explore Chaster Creekshed

I went out with the Streamkeepers on July 12 to assess the condition of Chaster Creek above the lodge and below the highway. This was no casual stroll. We waded upstream among extremely slippery rocks

Why Spray Knotweed?

In response to a query from Area D Director, Andreas Tize, about knotweed spraying, we recently received this very thorough letter from Crystal Chadburn, Senior Invasive Plant Specialist with FLNRORD.  As you likely know, invasive knotweeds are

All About Elphinstone Aggregates

On April 2, I joined Town of Gibsons councillor David Croal, SCRD Area F director Mark Hiltz, and Area D director Andreas Tize on a visit to Elphinstone Aggregates, led by owner Julian Burtnick. I’d

Province Releases Marine Debris Report

Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Sheila Malcolmson, has just published a report summarizing the feedback from stakeholders on marine debris. The consultations took place through the summer and early fall of 2019. While this is a good summary

Electrification is the future of home heating

Thanks to CBC for this interesting and informative article that describes all the options for heating your home and their environmental costs. If your home relies on its own individual heating system, as most do,