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Federal Plastics Bill Passed

I have been so busy with local issues that I haven’t been paying close attention to the news, so thanks to Lucie McKiernan in Pamela Goldsmith-Jones constituency office for pointing this out.

A private member’s bill calling for a national framework to reduce plastic pollution in Canadian waters passed unanimously in the House of Commons on Dec. 5.

This is good, but it’s only a first step. We need the federal government to ban single use plastics, especially the deluge of packaging that’s stuffing landfills to bursting.

Ferry Advisory Committee seeks members

The Southern Sunshine Coast Ferry Advisory Committee is looking for volunteers interested in serving a four year term. The FAC meets several times a year with senior management of BC Ferries to talk about concerns and plans for the Langdale and Keats/Gambier routes.

Committee members are appointed by BC Ferries from community applicants. They want people who represent customer and stakeholder interests such as local government, First Nations, students, seniors, commercial/economic interests, tourism, Chamber of Commerce and community groups and organizations. Current and former BCF employees are not eligible.

If you are interested in applying for one of the vacancies on this committee, please contact the Chair, Diana Mumford, for an application form.

I just want to add that 6 of the 7 current members are men, so there is room for more gender balance!


Our climate future requires Transformational Change

The only winning scenario to keep global warming under 2 degrees celsius is “Smarter — transformational change.” And “transformational” means just that. We’ll have to change our whole way of living, not to mention our class structure, cities, politics and economy.

Good article by writer (and former Capilano U instructor) Crawford Kilian.

ALC releases report

The Agricultural Land Commission has been reviewing the situation of BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve and has issued a preliminary report with recommendations to “revitalize” and protect farmland in BC. The report urges the BC government to adopt an “agriculture first” priority for land use. Here’s an excerpt:

Urgent Need to Curb Speculation in the ALR

As urban land prices increase and population grows, the pressure to develop agricultural land continues to build. Agricultural land is being taken out of production and investors and speculators are being allowed to exploit tax system incentives intended only for those who farm.

The permissive nature of the ALC Act and regulations, that include very few, if any, limits on the size and scale of permitted farm and non-farm uses, including both mega-homes, and regulations that allow anyone to apply to remove land or develop non-farm uses in the ALR regardless of how long they have owned a property or farmed it, contributes to the perception that the ALR is “open for development”.

The Committee believes speculation on agricultural land must be curtailed if the long term viability of agriculture in B.C. is to be realized. The ALC was intended to protect and encourage the agricultural use of land. It was not intended to be a rationing board tasked with regulating the slow release of agricultural land from the reserve or the conversion of the land base to support non-farm uses.

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