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Like a River: the Pineapple Express

Here’s a well researched and beautifully presented article on Pineapple Expresses—those deluges of rain that hit the west coast in winter, and are getting more severe. Too little water or too much water—that’s our new

Fires in the Forecast

The folks from The Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC sent out their latest newsletter, which includes a fire weather forecast from Environment Canada. BC’s “new reality” is “floods, drought, forest fires and windstorms –

Salal is Dying

On May 4 I took a hike up Tramway Trail from Elphinstone Pioneer Cemetery and was shocked to find huge patches of dead salal stretching out into the distance along the slopes of Mount Elphinstone.

Vancouver Drafts Climate Emergency Strategy

Three months after Vancouver City Council moved unanimously to declare a climate emergency, staff have come back with a number of recommendations to make Vancouver carbon neutral by 2050. I have talked to Vancouver staff and

Self Employed and Commuting from Home…

The Vancouver Sun has reported on the “Invisible Business Boom” taking place on the Sunshine Coast. Sunshine Coast: Invisible business boom supplants traditional workplaces

Eve’s Daycare wins Provincial Award

Congratulations to Elphinstone resident Eve Corlett on receiving a Community Achievement Award for her extraordinary dedication to daycare. For forty years Eve’s daycare has provided 24/7 care for the children of shift and emergency workers such

“I can’t do everything, but I have to do something.”

Local resident and writer, Danika Dinsmore, was arrested and sentenced for protesting the Trans Mountain pipeline. This is her account. House Arrest

New Map Shows Ecology of Howe Sound

The Atl’kitsem/Howe Sound Conservation Map is a new online map that can display more than 140 layers of information about Howe Sound’s ecology. Read this Coast Reporter article about it.

Banning Single Use Plastics

Europe just banned single use plastics. So why not here? The SCRD has the responsibility for disposing of garbage and recycling, but no ability to control the avalanche of packaging and stupid consumer items that

Elphinstone Beach Clean-up

Here’s a big thank you to local volunteers from the Elphinstone Community Association (ECA) who have been cleaning up the Elphinstone shoreline, and to Tom Howe of Coastal Tire for picking up debris with his