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About Emergency Planning and Evacuation

[Long rant] For the last couple of months we’ve been watching dramatic and disturbing footage of wildfires in Hawaii, Greece, and across Canada. With BC in a provincial state of emergency, it’s no surprise that

Chapman “water budget” is in deficit

On July 6, the board received an updated water supply and demand analysis for Chapman, as well as several other water-related reports. (It was a heavy day!) Water Supply & Demand Slides (PDF) July 6

Fingers Crossed for DL1313

As of June 2023, and for the first time in almost a decade, the Elphinstone parcel known as District Lot 1313 is NOT slated for logging in BC Timber Sales’ five year operating plan. Read

When did we go to Stage 4?

Here is a helpful graph produced by SCRD staff showing the timeline of bringing in water restrictions over the last decade. Blue is Stage 1, yellow is Stage 2, orange is Stage 3 and red

Ocean Beach Esplanade Foreshore Renewed

Published Feb, 2019 – Updated May 2023 One of the gems of Elphinstone is our shoreline, which stretches from Secret Beach to the end of Ocean Beach Esplanade. This area is covered by a unique

Grave Decisions: Our Cemetery Master Plan

The SCRD is responsible for three cemeteries: Kleindale in Pender Harbour (closed), Elphinstone Pioneer Cemetery (not selling new plots), and Seaview at the top of Lower Road in Roberts Creek. For years we had a

Seniors and Property Taxes

Every year, when property tax increases loom, we hear from a lot of seniors who are on fixed incomes and are worried or angry about rising property taxes. I appreciate that it’s alarming to be

Why Not Dusty Road?

Everybody wants a simple and easy solution to the Sunshine Coast’s water supply problem, so whenever folks talk about water, a few “obvious” fixes keep coming up. Three of the popular solutions are a well

Coopers Green: Many Questions

December 2022 Update: This post was originally written in February 2021. In May 2022, Coopers Green came back to an SCRD agenda with a budget $1 million higher than the one approved in 2021, plus