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Chapman Water: How did we get here?

Back in the 1980’s, experts assured local government that Chapman Lake could provide enough water for 50,000 residents. Time and climate change have proved them wrong. Normal is in the rearview mirror and we are

UBCM 2022

Here we come a-conferencing… So, what’s it like when a thousand locally elected officials, senior staff, and provincial staff descend upon a conference centre for a week for the Union of BC Municipalities annual conference?

So, why not just Stop Growth?

This Post was originally published in May, 2019 People ask me all the time—why are we continuing new development on the Sunshine Coast when we don’t have enough water? I asked that question at the

Coopers Green: Many Questions

May 2022 Update: This post was originally written in February 2021. Since then, Coopers Green has come back to the SCRD’s agenda, with a budget that’s $1 million higher than the one approved in 2021,

About the Housing Crisis

Housing has become a critical issue on the coast, and local governments are under increasing pressure to Do Something. The trouble is, do what? I don’t have the answer, but I can certainly describe the

Stormwater Motion

On March 10, 2022 I made a motion which was passed by the SCRD board. This is far from being a solution to our problems, but it’s one of the steps that’s required to tackle

Emergency on the Sunshine Coast

Crews Fight to Keep Services Running Overnight on November 14 another “atmospheric river” hit the Sunshine Coast (the second in a month) with a nasty combination of torrential rains followed by high winds. On the

The Five Horsemen of the Property Tax Apocalypse

This post is based on a cheerful little powerpoint presentation I put together for the Elphinstone Community Association. Those of you with some biblical education will know that there were only four horsemen. Well, when

Reed Road Forest Update

Due to many factors, including a provincial election, restructuring of FLNRORD (the ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources Operation and Rural Development), a federal election, and Covid, there hasn’t been a lot of progress in