Opportunistic Aviators: Anna’s Hummingbirds

If we were to declare an Official Bird of Elphinstone, hummers would be in the running. Here’s a great article on Anna’s hummingbirds from The Tyee. There are certainly plenty of them around Elphinstone. I have three feeders that are under constant bombardment!

A couple of outtakes:

Until about 50 years ago these birds only resided in southern California. But they gradually began to move northward in what scientists describe as one of the most remarkable range expansions to occur in a North American species. These opportunistic aviators now breed from Arizona to southwestern British Columbia and have even been spotted in Alaska.


The fact they can literally starve to death in a few hours helps explain why they defend their food sources so vigorously. Gram for gram, they rank among the most truculent of nature’s creations. Sheri Williamson, a naturalist at the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory, once joked that if hummingbirds had human language, “their vocabulary would be 100-per-cent swear words.”


Posted by Donna