RD Course Offered Again!

In less than eight months rural residents from Egmont to Gambier Island will head to the polls to vote for an “Electoral Area Director”. But what does an EA Director do? And what is a regional district anyway?

People may be excused for being unclear on this, since regional districts are unique to BC. They were created in 1965 as a ‘Made in BC answer’ to two needs: a forum to manage region-wide services such as water and garbage, and a local government for unincorporated rural areas.

But is the model successful? I’m going to tell you what I think in: A Highly Opinionated Introduction to Regional Districts starting on February 27, 2022.

Check out these reviews:

“Should be required for residents before they opine on Facebook.”

“Everyone who votes in the SCRD elections needs to see this information! Also, I particularly appreciated the guests who participated, so that we could get a wider sense of the RD experience across BC.”

“I wanted to relieve or reinforce my resentments against the SCRD. It worked.”

This course was previously offered by Eldercollege, but thanks to the Pender Harbour & Area Residents Association, it’s now open to people of any age, in a weekend time slot (four 2-hour sessions on Sundays from 3-5 pm starting Feb. 27). Registration is on a Pay What You Can basis, with a suggested amount of $40. Proceeds will go to the food banks in Pender Harbour and Gibsons.

We will be joined by guest speakers from regional districts across BC.

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The Creation of Regional Districts – What problems were they intended to solve? An overview of RDs in BC. Some peculiarities of the breed. How they fit into the local government ecosystem. Some things that are not legislated, e.g. Roberts Rules and the Carver Model.

The Sunshine Coast Regional District – History, rural areas and municipalities, demographics, services, tax base. Challenges of the RD Model – governance and democracy for rural areas, built in conflicts, relationship with the province, etc.

Challenges continued… And the Five Horsemen of the Property Tax Apocalypse.

What’s next for rural residents? Why not become a municipality? Winds of change, e.g. the Zoom revolution and urban out-migration. Being locally elected: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the truly weird.



Posted by Donna