Water Supply Sept 20 Update

At the Sept. 20 meeting of the SCRD Infrastructure Services Committee, staff gave a presentation on the Stage 4 water restrictions this summer. The siphon and pump system was used for 14 days at Chapman Lake. The report did not include costs, but they were significant. (The BC Parks permit requires the SCRD visit the site daily while the siphon is in use; they either flew in by helicopter or hiked in 16 km when weather didn’t permit flights.)

Test drilling on Mahan Road. Photo taken Sept. 23.

Other things of note: staff are reviewing the targets for each Stage in light of the fact that usage was nowhere close to the targets. Test wells are being drilled right now (Sept. 17-30) at four sites, including Mahan.

I recorded this presentation as well as taking notes and am happy to make the audio file available. If you have any questions, you are welcome to email me.

Posted by Donna