Area Planning

Seeking Volunteers!

Applications are being taken for the Area E Advisory Planning Commission (see information below). The deadline is January 18, 2019. Applications are sent to Corporate Officer Angie Legault. There is no application form; you are invited to submit a letter outlining your relevant interests and experience. How to Apply

Official Community Plan

The Area E Official Community Plan (OCP) is the document that outlines how our community will be designed and built, and forms the basis for decisions when property owners and developers apply to the SCRD to develop land or change its use. The current OCP was last revised in 2007 and adopted in 2008.

Advisory Planning Commission

Each rural area in the SCRD has an Advisory Planning Commission (APC). This is a group of volunteers who review and make recommendations to the SCRD board about:

  • Official Community Plan Amendments
  • Zoning Amendments
  • Subdivisions
  • Development Permits and Development Variance Permits
  • Temporary Use Permits
  • Agricultural Land Reserve Applications
  • Crown Referrals
  • Other items referred by SCRD Board

The members of the APC are appointed by the Rural Director. Every year the SCRD advertises for volunteers and takes applications, which are reviewed by the Director, who passes their recommendations to the board for approval. APCs have a minimum of 6 members, and a maximum of 12, serving 2 year terms. At least two thirds of the members must be Area E residents. The SCRD provides a recording secretary to take minutes.

Area E’s APC meets at Frank West Hall on fourth Wednesdays of the month. APC meetings are open to the public. Minutes are posted on the SCRD website.

2018-Nov-28 Area E APC Agenda

If you are interested in joining the Area E APC, please contact me. I recommend you first look at our OCP and read the APC Orientation Guide.