Where there’s Fire there’s Smoke

Backyard Burning in Elphinstone 

Backyard burning is permitted over the winter, from October 15 to April 15. Vegetation that originates on your property is the only material that may be burned. Do not burn garbage, construction waste or toxic materials.

Fires must not exceed 2m in diameter, 1m in height. They must be a minimum of 15m from any building, 5m inside property lines and clear of all combustible material.

The fire must be attended by a competent person at all times and a means of extinguishing should be close at hand.

Fires are regulated by our Fire Protection Bylaw 631.

Report violations to the Gibsons & District Volunteer Fire Department.

Minimize Smoke!

If you are burning, please be considerate of your neighbours. Many people have health conditions such as asthma that make them very sensitive to the toxic effects of all types of smoke. Avoid burning wet material or green wood, and don’t leave fires smouldering for long periods of time.

Provincial Burning Regulations

Campfires and Beach Fires

Campfires are allowed year round but may be banned by the Fire Chief during high risk periods. Fires are limited to .5m by .5m using dry seasoned firewood. The fire must be attended by a competent person at all times and a means of extinguishing should be close at hand. Beach fires must be set below the high tide line.

Fire Bans

During times of high wildfire risk, the province brings in bans on burning on private and public land. Fire Ban Info

Land Clearing Fires

Land clearing fires are regulated by the province, and permitted in rural areas on large properties. A permit is required for a land clearing fire, and it includes a fire department inspection.

Smoke Control and Toxic Smoke

Burning of toxic substances is illegal, and can be reported via the province’s RAPP line. That said, it can be difficult to get enforcement unless the problem is ongoing over a considerable period of time.

If you want a deeper dive into open burning smoke control regulations, HERE IT IS.

Neighbouring Areas

The Town of Gibsons has banned burning at all times, including back yard burns and beach fires.

Area D (Roberts Creek) only permits outdoor burning from April 1st to 15th and October 15th to November 15th on properties of one hectare or larger when the Ventilation Index (for Central Vancouver Island) is rated as “Good”.

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