How to Pay Taxes Monthly

Did You Know?

You can pay your property taxes monthly instead of being whacked by a big bill each July. All you have to do is set up a rural property account online with eTaxBC to make automatic payments semi-monthly or monthly from your bank account.

Property taxes are one of the last things that many people pay annually instead of monthly, so there’s a big sticker shock. It’s easy not to notice that our household may be paying just as much for other services, such as cable packages, home insurance, auto insurance, or cell phone plans.

Having given other people this advice, I figured I had better do it myself, so I went to eTaxBC and wrote step-by-step instructions as I went through the process.

And SCRD Utility Bills, Too

Utility bills can also be paid in installments. Three options:

  • Set up recurring payments on your credit card through MYSCRD
  • Set up recurring payment with online banking
  • Send post-dated cheques