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Province Releases Marine Debris Report

Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Sheila Malcolmson, has just published a report summarizing the feedback from stakeholders on marine debris. The consultations took place through the summer and early fall of 2019. While this is a good summary

About Rural Director Pay

On Jan. 23 the board voted to have our CAO strike an independent task force to review the way that SCRD directors are paid. I’ve been agitating about this since before I was elected, and

Electrification is the future of home heating

Thanks to CBC for this interesting and informative article that describes all the options for heating your home and their environmental costs. If your home relies on its own individual heating system, as most do,

Opportunistic Aviators: Anna’s Hummingbirds

If we were to declare an Official Bird of Elphinstone, hummers would be in the running. Here’s a great article on Anna’s hummingbirds from The Tyee. There are certainly plenty of them around Elphinstone. I have

Should Youth Travel for Free?

It was great to see high school students presenting to the SCRD board on the subject of transit fares for students on Dec. 3. It’s important for youth to get involved and learn how local

Reservoirs vs. Aquifers

Following some coverage in the local papers about a manmade reservoir proposal, a few people took me to task for “voting against water.” Hell, no, I am NOT voting against water. But I am voting against a

Climate Leaders Institute

I attended a UBCM Climate Leaders Institute conference in Richmond on November 7 and 8. It’s certainly interesting talking climate change in a hotel that’s likely to be underwater by the end of the century

New CAO Announced

I’m pleased to be able to announce that we have hired a new Chief Administrative Officer for the SCRD. Dean McKinley is currently CAO with the District of Mackenzie. Previously he was the Director of Economic

SAR Rescues Elphinstone Clean-Up

A huge thanks to Search and Rescue volunteers who stepped in to help with the Elphinstone Beach Clean-Up. This project was organized early this spring by volunteers from the Elphinstone Community Association (ECA) in response

The Week That Was

Union of BC Municipalities – Sept. 23-27 Two thousand politicians and lobbyists in a giant conference centre makes for a strange petri dish with lots of street theatre, including the logging truck driveby and the