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“Corridor Study” Fails on Every Count

On January 21 staff from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure presented their Hwy 101 Corridor Study to the Transportation Advisory Committee. I came away from the experience feeling like a patient with a badly

Elected to Receive Rational Pay

After all the loud complaining I’ve done about how SCRD directors are paid (see old post), I am extremely pleased to report that the Remuneration Review Task Force reported in on Jan. 14 and we

Active Transportation in Area E

In November 2020, I started a consultation with residents in Area E to gather feedback about their priorities for active transportation—connector trails and paved shoulders. The SCRD is facing a huge budget crunch. This is putting

Why Green Bins?

I’ve had a number of people call or email me to complain about the green bin program which requires residents to separate organics such as food scraps from the rest of their garbage. Here’s one

Streamkeepers Explore Chaster Creekshed

I went out with the Streamkeepers on July 12 to assess the condition of Chaster Creek above the lodge and below the highway. This was no casual stroll. We waded upstream among extremely slippery rocks

Restarting Recreation Facilities

A constituent phoned me the other day. He had sat through the entire July 23 Corporate Services meeting (brave man!) and pointed out that we took almost as much time fussing over cuts to various

When did we go to Stage 4?

Here is a great graph produced by SCRD staff showing the timeline of bringing in water restrictions over the last six years. Blue is Stage 1, yellow is Stage 2, orange is Stage 3 and

Why Spray Knotweed?

In response to a query from Area D Director, Andreas Tize, about knotweed spraying, we recently received this very thorough letter from Crystal Chadburn, Senior Invasive Plant Specialist with FLNRORD.  As you likely know, invasive knotweeds are

My Ode to the SCRD Logo

There’s no other way to describe the SCRD’s logo: it’s ugly. Just for fun, I recently went online and reviewed the logos of the 26 other regional districts in BC and I defy you to

Why Has My Utility Bill Increased?

There’s a big uproar going on over increases to SCRD utility rates. So first, an apology. Thanks to COVID-19 it’s been a hairy six weeks at local government, and everybody thought somebody was going to