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Where there’s Fire there’s Smoke

Backyard Burning in Elphinstone  Backyard burning is permitted over the winter, from October 15 to April 15. Vegetation that originates on your property is the only material that may be burned. Do not burn garbage, construction

Thrown Under the Ferry

News Flash: As of April 30 the Summer Trial has been cancelled. There’s been a huge outcry against the SCRD for “approving” BC Ferries’ summer reservations trial (see Coast Reporter article), so here’s some background.

The Good News About Water

The 2013 Comprehensive Regional Water Plan is hopelessly out of date after only eight years, and that’s a wonderful thing! I’ll tell you why. The Chapman water treatment plant was commissioned in 2004, and by

Coopers Green: Many Questions

Coopers Green Park is a jewel with a charming little community hall. The hall is showing its age, and there are lots of good reasons to replace it rather than try to renovate the existing

Seniors and Property Taxes

Every year, when property tax increases loom, we hear from a lot of seniors who are on fixed incomes and are worried or angry about rising property taxes. I appreciate that it’s alarming to be

2021 Budget – Brace Yourselves

As I have referenced in my Horsemen of the Tax Apocalypse post, the SCRD is facing huge costs, and a bunch of them are landing in the 2021 budget. Our CAO, Dean McKinley, gave the

The Five Horsemen of the Property Tax Apocalypse

This post is based on a cheerful little powerpoint presentation I put together for the Elphinstone Community Association. Those of you with some biblical education will know that there were only four horsemen. Well, when

“Corridor Study” Fails on Every Count

On January 21 staff from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure presented their Hwy 101 Corridor Study to the Transportation Advisory Committee. I came away from the experience feeling like a patient with a badly

Elected to Receive Rational Pay

After all the loud complaining I’ve done about how SCRD directors are paid (see old post), I am extremely pleased to report that the Remuneration Review Task Force reported in on Jan. 14 and we

Active Transportation in Area E

In November 2020, I started a consultation with residents in Area E to gather feedback about their priorities for active transportation—connector trails and paved shoulders. The SCRD is facing a huge budget crunch. This is putting