Community Statistics

These numbers are brought to us by the 2016 Canada Census. Where 2021 Census figures are available I have updated them with a **.

Population and Households

Area E Population:  3,883 — up 6.0% from 2016  **
Median Age: 50.8  (Canada’s median age is 41.6) **
Media Household Income before taxes: $70,286

Size of Area E Households

Number of dwellings:  1,763 **
Number of dwellings occupied by usual residents: 1,608 **
Owners:  1,275   Renters:  255
Percentage of home owners with a mortgage:  56.1%

ALR – 15.4% of Area E is within the Agricultural Land Reserve

Number of people who are 3rd generation Canadian or greater: 2,240 or 62% of the population.
(By comparison, only 30% of people living in Metro Vancouver are third generation or greater, and in BC as a whole it’s 46%.)


Employed people:  1,815
Self employed:  440
Working from home:  255
Commuting into Metro Vancouver:  185

2021 Average Residential Property Values

Elphinstone:  $692,089
Town of Gibsons:  $655,435 *
West Howe Sound:  $791,250
Roberts Creek:  $960,533

* Housing in the rural areas is almost 100% single family homes, whereas Gibsons has many apartments and townhouses.

SCRD Taxation by Area – 2020