Stormwater Motion

On March 10, 2022 I made a motion which was passed by the SCRD board. This is far from being a solution to our problems, but it’s one of the steps that’s required to tackle the issue.

Obviously we need to do what we can locally, but the scale of the problem requires provincial attention. I listened with close attention to remarks by Minister of Municipal Affairs, Nathan Cullen, and Minister of State for Infrastructure, Bowinn Ma, at the High Ground Civic Governance Forum on March 26. And I will be following up with provincial staff and fellow electeds at the upcoming AVICC and LGLA conferences and the Electoral Area Directors Forum.


That stormwater management processes which lie within the SCRD’s legislative authority be considered in the scope of the 2022 development approvals process review;

AND THAT the Planning Enhancement Project, approved as part of the 2022 annual budget, incorporate stormwater management strategies to promote climate resilience, ecological integrity, reduce damage to property and infrastructure, and manage risks to SCRD services;

AND THAT staff contact the Province to determine which provincial ministry is the lead agency for dealing with stormwater risk mitigation, and what programs and funding they have available to assist us;

AND THAT staff work with the Town of Gibsons, District of Sechelt, and the Sechelt Indian Government District on boundary interface issues related to stormwater management;

AND FURTHER THAT this motion be brought forward to a future meeting for consideration as a potential resolution submission to the 2022 UBCM annual convention.

See also my feedback to BC Timber Sales about their Operating Plan.

Posted by Donna