Washouts Spark Community Concern

On February 1, there was an alarming washout of Whittaker Creek, which forced the closure of Lower Road and the emergency evacuation of several Roberts Creek properties. Below are photos, some taken by me and some by other people (thanks everyone for sending me the pictures!).

Also below are a couple of pictures to give you an idea of the extent of the ongoing collapse of Soames Creek ravine, dubbed the Niagara Falls of Granthams by the Coast Reporter.

Stormwater and overland flooding are major and worsening problems locally. These are not new concerns. In 2005, the SCRD contracted Delcan Corporation to assess our situation. They produced reports in 2006 and 2009 on Stormwater Management in Areas D, E and F. No meaningful action was taken by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and in the meantime the situation has only worsened.

Below: Whittaker Creek washout photos from Soames Beach and Lower Road

Below: Neighbours hiked up the creek and found themselves in a mini “grand canyon.”

Below: Smales Creek runs under the highway, through Seaview Cemetery, and then down the ditch on the north side of Roberts Creek Road. You can see scouring from high water volume.

Below: Embankment collapse in Soames ravine. The first photo was taken in March 2019, the next one almost a year later, February 14, 2020. Stormwater diverted from roads and new subdivision clearing in Granthams into a (formerly) tiny stream has caused this huge erosion. Thanks to Area F director Mark Hiltz for the first photo, and Sechelt director Alton Toth for the second photo.

Posted by Donna