Gospel Rock Development Underway

Residents along Pratt Road are understandably unhappy about increasing construction traffic from the development of Gospel Rock, but there is no immediate remedy in sight. I’d like to thank the Town of Gibsons’ Director of Infrastructure, Dave Newman, for attending the April 10 Elphinstone Community Association meeting and fielding questions.

The Town is hopeful that a new route will be built via Inglis and Shaw Roads sooner rather than later, but the developer is not required to put that road through until 250 units are constructed. The Town and MOTI are also having a difference of opinion about Chaster Road, which is partly in the Town and partly in Area E.

(The map below is not the best, but it does show the boundary between Area E and the Town of Gibsons.)

MOTI wants Chaster upgraded to their current collector road standards (very wide with sidewalks on both sides), whereas the Town feels that widening Chaster will simply encourage more traffic to use that route and to speed. (This certainly happened when South Fletcher Road was widened.) I agree that MOTI’s standards are not appropriate for our rural area, and they also raise questions for me about stormwater management.

Newman adds that the Town prefers to put its road improvement funds towards the Shaw/Inglis connector rather than Chaster. (Click below to see a larger image of the Phasing Plan.)

You can find more information on the development at the Town’s website.

Posted by Donna