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Zero Emissions Landscaping

CBC reports that Vancouver park commissioners are looking at phasing out gas- and oil-powered landscaping equipment in the city’s parks, replacing gas-powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers and hedge trimmers with electric alternatives. This is something the

The Most Damaging Storm in BC Hydro’s History

The windstorm that hit B.C.’s South Coast on December 20 was the most damaging storm BC Hydro has experienced. It resulted in more than 750,000 customers without power and thousands of damaged pieces of equipment. It


Federal Plastics Bill Passed

I have been so busy with local issues that I haven’t been paying close attention to the news, so thanks to Lucie McKiernan in Pamela Goldsmith-Jones constituency office for pointing this out. A private member’s

Surviving Climate Change

CBC news reports: “… preparing for hotter, longer summers, rising sea levels and increased rainfall is a pressing concern for municipalities in British Columbia.” Certainly this will be at the top of my agenda as


Our climate future requires Transformational Change

The only winning scenario to keep global warming under 2 degrees celsius is “Smarter — transformational change.” And “transformational” means just that. We’ll have to change our whole way of living, not to mention our


Emission Free Buildings

The Energy Step Code is a plan to take the BC Building Code from where it is today to where it needs to be by 2032 to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions. The end goal

ALC releases report

The Agricultural Land Commission has been reviewing the situation of BC’s Agricultural Land Reserve and has issued a preliminary report with recommendations to “revitalize” and protect farmland in BC. The report urges the BC government