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All About Elphinstone Aggregates

On April 2, I joined Town of Gibsons councillor David Croal, SCRD Area F director Mark Hiltz, and Area D director Andreas Tize on a visit to Elphinstone Aggregates, led by owner Julian Burtnick. I’d

Province Releases Marine Debris Report

Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Sheila Malcolmson, has just published a report summarizing the feedback from stakeholders on marine debris. The consultations took place through the summer and early fall of 2019. While this is a good summary

Electrification is the future of home heating

Thanks to CBC for this interesting and informative article that describes all the options for heating your home and their environmental costs. If your home relies on its own individual heating system, as most do,

Opportunistic Aviators: Anna’s Hummingbirds

If we were to declare an Official Bird of Elphinstone, hummers would be in the running. Here’s a great article on Anna’s hummingbirds from The Tyee. There are certainly plenty of them around Elphinstone. I have

Climate Leaders Institute

I attended a UBCM Climate Leaders Institute conference in Richmond on November 7 and 8. It’s certainly interesting talking climate change in a hotel that’s likely to be underwater by the end of the century

SAR Rescues Elphinstone Clean-Up

A huge thanks to Search and Rescue volunteers who stepped in to help with the Elphinstone Beach Clean-Up. This project was organized early this spring by volunteers from the Elphinstone Community Association (ECA) in response

Municipalities Plan for Climate Change

Here’s a good article by Randy Shore from the Vancouver Sun on how municipalities are planning for climate change, featuring an interview with Town of Gibsons CAO Emanuel Machado. The SCRD also needs to be


Gospel Rock Update

A number of people have contacted me with concerns about fire hazard on Gospel Rock due to dry conditions and piles of clearing slash. Here is a response from Town of Gibsons Director of Infrastructure

Cedar Grove Elementary gets new Book Gnome

On June 26, students from Cedar Grove Elementary and members Elphinstone Community Association gathered to unveil a new book gnome for the front of the school. The old one, put in place when the school

Why won’t the province call it a climate emergency?

An interesting article from the Globe & Mail. “Earlier this week, the House of Commons declared a climate emergency in Canada. In B.C., which has been hammered in recent years by record-breaking wildfires, droughts, flooding